Express Lunch

Rice Bowl Special
Served with Miso Soup & a choice of House salad or Kimchi

Dolsot Bibimbap9.95
Assortment of seasoned vegetables with oozy fried egg over white rice in a sizzling hot stone bowl with chef’s special spicy mixing sauce on the side
Chicken Bulgogi 12.95 … Spicy Pork Bulgogi 13.95
Beef Bulgogi 14.95 … Seafood 14.95

Hibachi Fried Rice7.95
Vegetable fried rice cooked hibachi style served with house made mustard sauce
Chicken 9.95 … Beef 12.95

Sushi Lunch Special

Lunch Special Rolls

Two rolls 8.95/Three rolls 10.95
Served with Miso Soup or Salad

Avocado Roll • Asparagus Roll
Cucumber Poll • Sweet Potato Tempura Roll-
Alaska Roll • Boston Roll
California Roll • Eel Roll
Egg Omelet • Salmon Roll
Philly Roll • Tuna Roll
Smoked Salmon • White Tuna Roll
Yellow Tail Roll
Spicy Sauce $ 0.50 • Extra Veggie $ 0.50
Caviar $ 0.50 • Extra Fish $ 1.00


Calamari Hibachi6.95

Shrimp Hibachi8.95

Scallop Hibachi9.95


Lightly salted steamed Japanese green soybeans

Beef dumplings with house made sauce

Shrimp dumplings with house made sauce

Kamikaze Wings5.95
Chicken wings smothered in hot suicide sauce

Thai Spring Roll5.95
Glass noodles, carrots, cabbage with spicy plum sauce

Shrimp Spring Roll7.95
Shrimp, glass noodle, cabbage with spicy plum sauce

Chicken Yakitori5.95
Skewered & charbroiled with sweet and savory yakitori sauce

Charbroiled thin sliced of beef rolled with scallion with yakitori sauce


Vegetable Tempura6.95

Calamari Tempura7.95

Shrimp & Veggie Tempura9.95

Crab Cheese Tempura6.95
Crispy tempura shell stuffed with crabmeat & cheese

Chicken Roll Tempura7.95
Deep fried chicken, asparagus and crabmeat rolled in tempura batter 

Thai Dumpling Tempura7.95
Beef dumplings in skewer served with spicy plum sauce