OSHO brings the rich flavors and richer experience of traditional Korean barbecue to the Hudson Valley. Our master chefs are proud to offer first-rate, authentic Korean BBQ. If you consider yourself a connoisseur of Korean BBQ, you’ll be delighted with the quality and variety of dishes our chefs prepare. And if you’re newer to Korean cuisine, you’ll undoubtedly find a dish (or two, or ten!) to your liking.

We take great pride in providing you with not only the finest food, but with the finest Korean BBQ experience around. OSHO Restaurant is entirely family-friendly, and will create a delightful and memorable evening of dining for all guests.

OSHO offers an array of Korean cuisine as well as Korean BBQ (at your table!) using the latest smoke-free grilling technology.


Korean BBQ
Traditional Korean B.B.Q. cooked on the Smokeless table top grill come with 3 kind of side dishes, Kimchi, a dish of Lettuce, slices of Garlic, assorted vegetables & steamed rice. Served with Miso Soup & Salad.
Min. 2 BBQ order for Table top Grill

Gal-bi 27.95
Black Angus Cubes boneless prime short ribs marinated with house special sauce

Seang Gal-bi27.95
Un-marinated fresh Black Angus prime short ribs served w. sesame deeping sauce

Beef Bulgoki25.95
Thin slices of Black Angus Beef rib eye marinated with house special sauce

NY steak25.95
Fresh NY Sirloin marinated with house special sauce

Filet Mignon27.95
Most tender Filet Mignon marinated with house special sauce

Pork belly23.95
Tender pork belly w. sesame deeping sauce

Pork Bulgoki 22.95
Tender slices of pork with special marinated in spicy or mild sauce.

Jumbo shrimp marinated in mild sauce

Boneless chicken breast marinated in special spicy or mild sauce.

Korean bbq Al La Cart
Add Extra portion with BBQ Entrée

If you choose 2 or more,
served with Steam Rice
Chicken 9.95 … Pork belly 12.95
Pork Bulgoki 11.95 … Beef Bulgogi 14.95
Filet Mignon 15.95 … Gal-Bi 15.95
Shrimp 11.95 … Scallop 14.95
Lobster M P … Miso Soup 2.50
House Salad 2.95 … Lettuce 2.95
Side Dish 1.00 … Side dishes (3) 2.95
Kimchi 2.95 … White Rice . 1.95
Hibachi Fried Rice 2.95 … Hibachi Veggies 3.95
Hibachi Noodle .3.95