Our Hibachi Master Chefs are all very accomplished artists when it comes to table-side food preparation, cooking, serving and entertainment. Each chef’s performance also incorporates quirky jokes and customer interaction; so be prepared to eat, drink, laugh and have a really good time.

O’Sho uses only USDA CHOICE beef, farm-fresh chicken and the highest quality seafood. All steaks are cut from loins in-house; we know you can taste the difference! All dipping sauces are homemade. GINGER sauce (for seafood and vegetables) and MUSTARD sauce (for meat) are standard with all meals. All chicken and noodles are prepared with homemade TERIYAKI sauce unless specified otherwise. Our farm-fresh vegetables include zucchini, broccoli, carrots, and onions.

Don’t forget to ask the chef to cook with our most popular home made BULGOKI Steak Sauce (add $1.00), a savory combination of sake, garlic, sesame oil and fruits with house secrets, when you order steak or chicken.

Hibachi table sitting is unique and limited, only Hibachi entrées are accepted.
For a shared Plate, please add additional $ 12.00.

Hibachi Dinners

5 course meals served with O’Sho chicken soup, O’Sho house salad, hibachi noodles, hibachi fried rice, hibachi vegetables, house-made dipping sauces and protein of your choice. 



NY Steak21.95

NY Steak & Chicken23.95

Filet Mignon25.95

Filet Mignon & Chicken27.95

BULGOKI Steak Sauce1.00




Swordfish Steak24.95

Shrimp & Calamari22.95

Shrimp & Salmon23.95

Shrimp & Scallop24.95


Vegetarian Delight with Tofu16.95

O’Sho Delight (Chicken & Shrimp)22.95

Chicken & Salmon22.95

Chicken & Scallop24.95

NY Steak & Calamari24.95

NY Steak & Shrimp24.95

NY Steak & Scallop26.95

Filet Mignon & Shrimp29.95

Filet Mignon & Lobster34.95

Seafood Combo29.95
(Shrimp, Scallop & Calamari)

Chef’s Special29.95
(NY Steak, Shrimp & Chicken)

O’Sho Special32.95
(Fillet Mignon, Shrimp & Chicken)

Bulgoki Steak Sauce1.00

Add Extra Portion!

Noodle 3.95




Children Hibachi

(For children 10 or under) Includes choice of soup or salad, noodles, fried rice and vegetables.


NY Steak12.95