Japanese Cuisine

Teriyaki Specials

Char broiled with steamed Vegetables &
tasty Teriyaki Sauce. A true Japanese barbecue without the mess !!
Served with steamed rice, Soup & Salad

Fresh cut chicken breast

Jumbo size of Shrimps

Fresh salmon Filet

NY steak19.95
IBP choice Sirloin

Filet Mignon22.95
The most Tender

Shrimp & Chicken17.95

Shrimp & Scallop23.95

Filet Mignon & Shrimp24.95

Tempura Dinner
Delicately deep fried using special Japanese batter

Tofu & Veggie Tempura13.95
Assorted fresh vegetables

Chicken Tempura14.95
Chicken breast & Assorted of Vegetables

Shrimp Tempura16.95
Shrimps & Assorted of Vegetables

Soft shell crab Tempura18.95
Crunchy soft shell crabs & Assorted of Veggies

Seafood Tempura19.95
Shrimp, Scallop, Calamari, crab stick & Assorted of Veggies

Japanese Pasta
served with Steam rice

Hibachi style Noodle9.95
Pan fried Noodle & vegetable served with hibachi sauce
Chicken 12.95 … Beef 15.95
Shrimp 14.95 … Seafood 17.95

Assorted Veggies and Japanese noodle with
special broth in a bowl
Beef 15.95 … Seafood 17.95

Seafood Tempura U-Dong17.95
U-dong with Shrimp, Fish Cake & Crab stick Tempura

Combination Dinner
served with steam rice, clear Soup & Salad

Chicken Katsu Box14.95
Delicately deep fried chicken breast with breadcrumb batter & Hibachi noodles in the box

Pork Katsu Box16.95
Delicately deep fried Pork with breadcrumb batter & Hibachi noodles in the box

Gyoza & Shumai Box16.95
Beef Gyoza, Shrimp Dumpling, Veggie spring Roll & Hibachi noodles in the box

Combination Yakitori Plate18.95
Charbroiled skewers of Beef, Chicken & Shrimp
tasty Yakitori Combo with noodles

O’Sho Sampler Box20.95
2pc of Sushi, 3 pc of Calif. Roll, Gyoza, Shumai,
Shrimp & Veggie Tempura with Hibachi noodles


Korean Appetizers

Korean style crispy scallion pancake
Kimchi 8.95 … Seafood 10.95

Pan-fried Clear noodle w/ beef & vegetable

Edamame4 .95
Steamed Japanese Green Soybean

Pan-fried Beef Dumpling


Jae Yook Kimchi17.95
Stir-fried spicy Pork & Kimchi s with tofu &
Korean rice cake.

Jae Yook Bokeum17.95
Stir-fried spicy Pork with vegetables.

Kkan Poonggi17.95
Crispy deep fried chicken in sweet & spicy
sauce. ** Shrimp 19.95

Tang Soo Yook15.95
Crispy fried Pork with vegetables with sweet
& sour sauce ** Beef 19.95

Noodle Diner

Jja Jang Myun12.95
Korean style onion, pork, squash, with noodles
black bean paste sauce

Jjam Bbong15.95
Korean style noodles, vegetables & seafood
with hot spicy broth.

Pan-fried Clear noodles mixed with vegetable
Chicken 16.95 … Beef 19.95

Hibachi Style Noodle10.95
Stir-fried egg noodle mixed assorted vegetables
Chicken 12.95 … Beef 15.95
Seafood 17.95

Assorted Veggies and Japanese noodle with
special broth in a bowl
Beef 15.95 … Seafood 17.95

Korean dinner
Served with 3 kind of side dishes, Kimchi & a choice of Miso Soup or House salad.

Dolsot Bibimbap12.95
Assorted of seasoned vegetables & fried egg
over white rice in a sizzling hot stone bowl with
chef’s special spicy mixing sauce on the side.
Chicken Bulgogi 14.95 … Beef Bulgogi 16.95
Seafood 17.95 … Caviar 17.95

Dduck Baekie Bulgogi15.95
Beef Bulgoki with mushroom, onion, clear
noodles & beef broth in a hot stone bowl

House special Fried Rice11.95
Assorted of Seasoned vegetables & fried egg
over rice served with spicy mixing sauce
Chicken … 13.95 Beef ..… 15.95

Korean style Chirashi17.95
A bowl of assorted fresh slices of raw fish & a
lot of vegetable served a bowl of white rice with
Korean style spicy mixing sauce

Galbi Tang17.95
Tender beef short rib, clear noodles, egg drops
in a beef broth

Mandoo Guk14.95
Beef dumplings in a beef broth with rice cake.

Yook Gae Jang14.95
Shredded beef or chicken & scallions with clear
noodles in spicy beef broth.

Kimchi Chigae13.95
Korean traditional spicy kimchi stew with
Tofu, pork & rice cake

Spicy Soft Tofu stew with mushroom, shrimp,
Kimchi & clams.

Dwen Jang Jiggae12.95
Tofu & vegetables in soy bean paste stew.

Salmon Shiyoyaki17.95
Salt-grilled fresh salmon

Ell Shiyoyaki19.95
Grilled Freshwater Ell with ell sauce


Clear Soup2.50
Chicken, Beef & Onion broth with Tofu,
Scallions & Mushroom Flakes

Miso Soup2.95
Japanese Bean Paste broth with silky Tofu,
Seaweed, scallions & Mushroom Flakes

Seaweed Soup4.95
Yakame Japanese sea vegetable soup.

Spicy beef Soup5.95
Shredded beef, mushroom, green onion
& clear noodle in spicy broth.

Seafood Soup6.95
Shrimps, Scallop, Crab Stick, Fish Cake &
Japanese fine Noodles

Seafood Soup6.95
Shrimps, Scallop, Crab Stick, Fish Cake &
Japanese fine Noodles

Gyoza Soup6.95
Beef dumpling in beef broth.


House Salad2.95
Fresh garden vegetables with famous homemade
O’Sho ginger dressing

Seaweed Salad5.95
Japanese Seavegetables with special seasonings

Avocado Salad5.95
Avocado & garden vegetables with O’Sho ginger
Salad dressing

Kani & Mango Salad5.95
Crabmeat , Cucumber & Carver with Spicy Mayo sauce

Octopus, Crabmeat, Shrimp, Cucumber &
seaweed with sweet & sour special sauce

Tuna Tataki Salad9.95
Lightly seared Tuna with black pepper out side with mixed Veggie , olive oil, balsamic & Ponzu sauce

Sashimi Salad9.95
Assorted Top grade Sashimi & mixed spring salad
With Spicy Pozu sauce